Where to Get the Best Food in Koreatown Near Van Nuys

No matter where you are, you always want to be in the know about where to get the best food. Van Nuys has a great Koreatown and knowing which restaurants to go to when you’re there is essential. Here are some of the top recommended restaurants for food in Koreatown.


This is the place to come if you’re craving soup. They serve frothing, boiling, chile-filled soups here in communal pots. One of the more popular soups is Al tang, which has sacs of cod roe, herbs, and mushrooms. Another one to try is al bap, which is part omelet and part barbecued eel in a bowl full of seasoned rice that has different types of roe. However, the most famous dish is hwe dup bap, which has parts of raw fish with vegetables, greens, hot rice, and pickles that can be spiced up with chili paste.

Beer Belly

Not your typical place when you think of Korean food, Beer Belly is so unique that you’ll have to stop when you’re there. Check out the Sunday brunch to get Lucky Charms pancakes with Fruity Pebbles whipped cream on top. They have plenty of beer on tap and they recommend one for each of their menu items, including the pancakes. If you want something a little healthier, they have grilled broccoli, but it comes with Craftsman 1903 Beer Whiz. If you’re looking for just a snack, try the deep-fried Oreos, sriracha beast fries, or the duck fat fries.


If you love fried chicken, you’ll enjoy trying the food at Kyochon. The chicken is cut into tiny pieces, marinated in a garlic spread that has 23 ingredients, and then double-fried so it retains its fat but still has a crunch to it. While you wait, you’ll be given the typical Korean dish sweet and sour pickled radish cubes. They also provide you unlimited Sprite and Coke during your meal. It’s unlikely that you’ve ever eaten fried chicken that’s so carefully prepared. Choose from soy garlic, hot and sweet, or honey wings, or order a whole chicken if you’re really hungry.

Bon Juk

If you’ve never tried Korean porridge before, you have to stop by this Seoul-based restaurant. While porridge in itself might not sound interesting, everything on this menu has unique pairings. Try the porridge with smoked salmon, or get the deluxe jeonbokjuk, which has a large number of abalone shards that are chewy. For sweeter fare, try the pumpkin porridge with rice dumplings. If you want to be daring, try the spicy porridge with kimchi and octopus. You’ll never look at porridge the same after eating here. They even claim their porridges are nutrient rich so they’re good for you.

When you’re in the mood for good food in the Van Nuys area, head to Koreatown. You’ll find a variety of food to satisfy your cravings, from tasty fried chicken to different types of fish soup. Korean porridge is another must to try, whether you get savory or sweet. You won’t run out of options.

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