Put on Your Sweat Pants for These 4 Los Angeles Food Challenges

Skip breakfast, and stick to elastic waistbands because these Los Angeles food challenges will push your belly to its limit.

The Orochon Special #2

Head to the heart of Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles to test your spice level at Orochon Ramen. The broth of the soup is slowly cooked for hours with 13 different spices and then topped with vegetables, pork, and ramen noodles.

The challenge is to eat the incredibly spicy Orochon Special #2 in 30 minutes or less. You cannot get up for a bathroom break, but you can have endless amounts of water and milk. If you somehow manage to complete this fiery challenge, all you get is a hot belly and your photo on the wall of the restaurant.

The Big Fat Fatty

This eating challenge at Fat Sal’s Deli in Hollywood is about sheer volume. The Big Fat Fatty is a 27-inch sandwich filled with five burger patties, 1.5 pounds of cheesesteak, one and a half pounds of pastrami, chicken fingers, an entire package of bacon, mozzarella sticks, five fried eggs, jalapeño poppers, French fries, and onions rings. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s then topped with chili, marinara, and fat sauce.

The challenge is to eat this colossal sandwich in under 40 minutes. If you can manage that, you get the sandwich for free, a value of $49.99. You also get the honor of naming your own sandwich which will become a permanent fixture on all Fat Sal’s Deli menus around the country. So far, only two people have ever managed to complete the challenge.

The Big Mama Pizza

Big Mama’s and Big Papa’s Pizzeria is in the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank. Most people come here for a slice or two, maybe a whole pizza to take home to the family. Others come for the Big Mama Pizza Challenge. Luckily, for this challenge, you can bring your friends.

The challenge is for eight people to finish a 54-inch by 54-inch pizza in under two hours. It might seem like a long time, but a 54-inch pizza is a lot of pizza, even for eight people.

If you complete the challenge, you and your friends get $1,000, and the entire pizza, which usually costs $218, is free. Although the challenge is attempted at least once a week, only three teams have ever eaten the entire pizza.

Man Vs. Burger

For the ultimate burger challenge in Los Angeles, head to Oh My Burger, and test your stomach with their Man Vs. Burger Challenge. You have 45 minutes to eat the burger, which is made of three grilled cheese buns, 10 quarter pound beef patties, 10 slices of American cheese, 10 slices of bacon, 6-ounces of onion rings, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. In addition to the burger, you also have to finish a large plate of fries and a regular milkshake.

If you complete the challenge in the allotted time, you get your burger for free. If not, you have to pay the $50 bill.

Next time you’re feeling hungry, think about whether or not you’re hungry enough for one of these food challenges.

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