How to Prepare Your Jeep for Off-Roading Adventures

One of the best reasons to drive a tough vehicle like a Jeep is being able to take your vehicle off-roading. However, even the most intrepid driver will want to make sure his vehicle is prepared before taking the road less traveled. Fortunately, getting your Jeep ready to go off-road isn’t difficult or time-consuming, particularly if you have the right tips. Here is a quick guide that you can use to help you get your Jeep ready to go off-road. Couple sitting on the back of their Jeep Wrangler parked on rocks looking out at the water

Get to Know Your Jeep

Although there are several things that you need to do to get your Jeep ready to go off-road, the most important is understanding your vehicle inside and out, including its dimensions. Take a look at your Jeep and reference your owner’s manual, so that you know the length and width of your vehicle. Taking this step will help you avoid getting stuck while trying to squeeze through small spots off-road. You should also look at your undercarriage and measure how much clearance you have to climb over obstacles in your path.

Equipment You Need

After gaining an understanding of the dimensions of your Jeep, you need to be certain that you have the right off-roading equipment. Adding the necessary features to your Jeep will make it much easier for you to take your vehicle off-road. To protect both your steering box and differential, key parts of the drive-train located on your truck’s underside, you should make sure that your Jeep is equipped with skid plates. If you want to rock climb with your Jeep, then it’s a good idea to add a lift kit to your vehicle, which will help you crawl over rocks without damage. It’s also ideal to make sure you have a mechanic’s toolkit in your vehicle so that you can address minor repairs you may need while off-roading.

Take the Lay of the Land

A mistake that many people make when off-roading is failing to take stock of their surroundings. Before you hit the unbeaten path in your Jeep, you need to scout the terrain to make sure you aren’t in for any nasty surprises. If you are going to be driving through mud, for instance, you need to slightly deflate your tires so you don’t get stuck or get a flat tire. Before you drive up a tough hill, you need to know what’s on the other side so that you can be sure you can get to the bottom safely. Proper scouting before beginning your drive will help you have a fun and safe time off-roading in your Jeep.

Don’t Stop Driving

Getting stuck is a nightmare scenario when off-roading, and to make sure your Jeep doesn’t get mired in the mud and muck, make sure to keep your momentum. Although you should drive with caution while off-roading, never stop forward motion or remove your hands from the wheel. If you keep moving, you will be able to keep your vehicle from getting stuck.

Follow these easy tips and you can get your Jeep ready to go off-road.