Get a Taste of the Far East in Los Angeles’ Thai Town

Great restaurants are never in short supply in Los Angeles, especially in the Thai Town area of the city. Thai Town is officially located along Hollywood Boulevard between Normandie Avenue and Western Avenue, but you’ll find that the neighborhood and its fantastic dining options continue to expand a little bit more along the boulevard each year. Check out some of these spots to enjoy a little taste of South East Asia.

Jitlada Thai Restaurant

Known across Los Angeles as one of the top Thai restaurants in the city, Jitlada Thai Restaurant is run by siblings Jazz Singsanong and Tui Sungkamee. They have been cooking up classic southern Thailand cuisine since they took over the restaurant in 2006.

Their most popular dishes are definitely the green curry and the spicy beef dish known as crying tiger. Be prepared for a few tears yourself. They’re not messing around with spice at this place. Main dishes start at $12 with the meat-heavy options costing as much as $25.

Pa Ord Noodle

Just off of Hollywood Boulevard is one of the best boat noodle restaurants in Los Angeles. Boat noodle is a soup that is made with both pork and beef, creating a dark and rich broth that is then loaded up with fluffy noodles, pork liver, and meatballs. The broth at Pa Ord is extraordinary and packs a punch, so don’t order it if you don’t enjoy spicy food. A bowl of boat noodle soup is $8.

In addition to great spicy soups, Pa Ord Noodle also serves classic Thai dishes like pad Thai and massaman curry. Most dishes on the menu are affordable at under $10 each.

Ruen Pair Thai Restaurant

For unique dishes that you won’t find elsewhere, head to Ruen Pair Thai Restaurant. It is a Chinese-Thai fusion restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard with traditional dishes like raw crab papaya salad and stewed pork leg over rice. Their fried fish dishes like fried pompano and catfish are very popular and usually sell out before the night is over.

Most main dishes cost under $10 with the exception of some of their duck, crab, and seafood hotpots, which are all still only about $12 each. Just be sure to stop by an ATM on your way over; they only accept cash.

Bhan Kanom Thai

After all of these spicy noodle dishes, you’ll probably want to finish your evening with something sweet. Thankfully, Bhan Kanom Thai has you covered. This dessert shop is filled with exotic Thai flavors that will satisfy your sweet tooth and your curiosity.

Popular options include the baked taro custard, black sticky rice with fruit, and Foi Thong cupcakes. Foi Thong is made from egg yolks and syrup. As it cooks it separates into stringy pieces which are then baked into the cupcake. Most desserts cost about $3. Bhan Kanom Thai also carry Thai groceries and a few savory baked goods like spicy pork buns.

Whether you’re looking for a quick take-out meal, or you want to sit down and enjoy an authentic Thai meal, there are so many great options in Thai Town. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to check out one of these LA favorites.

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