Four Horseback Riding Day Trips from Van Nuys, CA

Whether you’re learning the fundamentals of horseback riding, gearing up for a competition, or simply enjoying a peaceful ride along a guided trail, finding the right facility to brush up on the basics is just a day trip away for many Van Nuys residents. Here’s a list of four top-notch facilities that set the ideal backdrop for both skilled and casual horseback riders.

Los Angeles Equestrian Center

A popular place in Burbank for filming projects and photography sessions, the 75-acre Los Angeles Equestrian Center is a multi-use facility that doesn’t hide its natural beauty. It’s filled with blooming trees and landscaped areas, along with boarding stalls, corrals, adobe stone wall riding rings, and ample event space. It also houses a 3,500-seat Equidome, where horseback riding events and activities are rightly accommodated.

New to horseback riding? No problem. You’ll find all the resources you need to start your adventure. Guests 7 years of age and older can contact on-site businesses such as Griffith Park Horse Rentals for a steed and the Traditional Equitation School for riding lessons.

Edmonton Farms

Next, we have Edmonton Farms, a horseback riding center in Sylmar where “fun” and “learning” go hand in hand. Lessons are overseen by professional riders Sheri Moser and Duncan McIntosh, and you’ll learn everything you need to groom and train horses and perform at competition level.

Edmonton Farms is the perfect spot to gather your loved ones and enjoy activities ideal for the whole family. In fact, horseback riding lessons are available for kids and adults of all ages, with seasonal camps offered to children ages 5 and older.

Hansen Dam Riding School

The Lake View Terrace neighborhood is home to our next entry on the list. Hansen Dam Riding School is a top-rated facility backed by professional and friendly instructors and offers affordable pricing. Whether you’re taking riding lessons, attending a special event, or signing up for a summer or holiday camp, there are plenty of opportunities here for students to sharpen their horseback riding and horsemanship resumes.

Los Angeles Horseback Riding

With stunning landscape views surrounding the Santa Monica Mountains, there’s no doubt the Los Angeles Horseback Riding ranch has rightfully earned its title as “The Most Beautiful Place to Trail Ride in Los Angeles,” awarded by Los Angeles Magazine. It’s also conveniently located in Topanga, which is merely an hour drive from Van Nuys.

The ranch offers a variety of options, including sunset and moonlit rides, kids’ rides for children ages 6 and older, group rides accommodating up to 25 people, and private rides for special occasions such as wedding proposals, anniversaries, or birthday events. Be sure to book your reservation so you don’t miss out.

The idea of horseback riding may make you nervous at first, but taking a few lessons can help ease your mind. And if you live in or near Van Nuys, California, there’s no shortage of top-quality schools, farms, and facilities within a day’s drive to help you get started.

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