4 Perfect Ways to Beat the Van Nuys Summer Heat

The summer months in and around Van Nuys are not only hot but also dry. Fortunately, there are many spots in the vicinity that cater to those sizzling days when you need some respite from the heat.

Ingest Something Refreshing

Sometimes all you need on a hot day is something cool on the tongue. Located in Reseda, which is about a 13-minute drive from Van Nuys, La Michoacana offers tantalizing and refreshing all-natural ice cream, frozen yogurts, and desserts on the menu. This ice cream parlor promises that all its products are made with fresh fruit and are 100 percent natural. It is for this reason that menu items are available according to seasonal availability.

Choose from over 30 ice cream flavors, such as Oreo, Ferrero Rocher, Lemon Pie or Strawberries & Cream, and cover it with a favorite topping. On very hot days, you might prefer to cool down with a water paleta made from kiwi or watermelon or quench your first with a fresh strawberry, lemon, or fruit water.

Cool Off On the Ice

Exchange the warm rays of the sun for the cool chill of ice at the Iceland Ice Skating Center in Van Nuys. Especially if you have children who need to get some exercise and be kept busy, this is an ideal place to cool off. Not only does the venue open its doors for public skating, it also offers a skating school program, figure skating freestyle lessons, and hockey classes. In addition, you can rent the rink for birthday parties or other private events.

All the coaches at the center are professionals who are not only ex-competitors but also have experience in working with children — so rest assured that your kids are in safe hands.

Take a Dip

When the heat becomes overbearing, there is no better way to cool off than splashing around in the cool water. Although the Hansen Dam Aquatic Center is located about a 20-minute drive from Van Nuys, it is well worth visiting. This 1.5-acre walk-in pool is the largest in LA, providing ample space for swimmers to relax. For the more adventurous, the pool also boasts two impressive water slides.

The pool is flanked by a sandy beach, as well as grassy areas where you can tan or picnic. Bring your own chairs, tables, and even a grill if you feel like it. There are cabana rentals available, but if you come nice and early, you can choose a shady spot for the day.

At $3.50 for adults and $1 for kids, this is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy a day in the sun!

Enjoy Some Art

Enrich your life by enjoying art while also cooling down in the air-conditioned rooms of the Getty Museum, situated about 14 minutes away from Van Nuys in Brentwood. This museum houses antiquities from the Greek and Roman periods, sculptures, photographs, and paintings by masters such as Rubens, Manet, and Degas.

If the heat starts getting to you this summer, remember that there are ways to escape it. Whether you prefer ice, water, ice cream, or art, there is always a way to beat the summer heat in and around Van Nuys!

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